Home sweet home…eventually


Our new home is in Pan Qu Village, which is in Ying Qiao Province, which is in Dali City, Yunnan. We rented an old wooden house from Uncle Li, a local tea farmer. The house is a 10x5m double storey unit, with a courtyard that is just as big. Uncle Li’s son-in-law, Xiao Gao, is in charge of our renovations.

PanQuCun-house-1FFirst Floor

PanQuCun-house-2FSecond Floor

Phase 1 is complete and we’re pretty happy with how it turned out. So far we’ve demolished a wall to open up the living and dining area. We’ve put up some walls to make 2 guest rooms. A major task was to put in 2 bathrooms with toilets, one on each floor. We moved the position of the stairs, and put in new windows on the second floor.

Now we’re getting ready for Phase 2. We’re going to demolish the current sidehouse/ kitchen/ pig sty, and rebuild a kitchen on the first floor, studio on the second floor with third floor rooftop deck. Boom. We start work after Chinese New Year, It should take about 2 months.

In the meantime, we still have lots to keep us busy. We need to get one of the rooms decent so we can use it as a temporary room while we continue to work on the house. Just trying to clean the house is an epic task. We’re talking about some serious muck. I need to call in the professionals. Thank God my parents are here 🙂

Picture 4


2 thoughts on “Home sweet home…eventually

  1. Loving this blog already!!! Totally inspiring and pls keep the entries rolling! We are living vicariously through the Gallices! Xxx

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