Sanding sux

My dad had a great idea: “I think you guys should sand the floorboard on the second floor.  Sand and varnish.”

Arthur and my dad did a sample square meter and were psyched with the shiny new floorboards that stared back at us. We took another day or two of experimenting with different tools to finally settle on the right ones for the job. On Day 3, we were all set. It was a priority job so all resources (my mother and I ) were re-deployed to the second floor. THREE FULL DAYS it took us to sand the upper floor. Three full days spent in a blur of sawdust, God only knows how much we inhaled and ingested. My parents went to Lijiang after the first day these sly foxes.



So Arthur and I soldiered on and we did it. The sense of accomplishment was palpable and my Dad was right, the floor looks great. Never have I appreciated floorboards more than now. But if I hear the whizz of a sander anytime soon I’ll have a fit and die.




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