Baby steps

It has been a week since we’ve slept in our new home. We’ve already had one village power cut which lasted 12 hours, another that lasted 20 minutes. We’ve also had 2 electricity trips because perhaps the house is unable to handle our city-like power usage.  I don’t think the people here use heaters at all, so perhaps one in each room is slightly excessive?? But we’re not even at full consumption yet! We need to look into re-wiring the entire joint next week. Sigh..FUN.

We have been sleeping in the lower guest room for now while we continue work on the whole house. The bed is huge and comfortable and the shower is hot and steady.

photo (24)

photo (22)

We’ve also set up a temporary studio in the upper guestroom. I still stare in disbelief that we actually shipped all this stuff over.

photo (20)

We’ve started to cook in our little makeshift kitchen which consist of one electric stovetop for now. It’s one-dish meals for us at the moment – soups, pastas, stir-frys on rice. It’s not too hard, but things would improve greatly if I could only locate my vegetable peeler.


6 thoughts on “Baby steps

  1. Guys!!! It’s amazing looking really nice already!! congratulations!! If I was in Shanghai I would have sent you the veggie pealer immediatly!! lots of kisses from the mountains!!

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