Valentine’s Day

As you would have guessed, Valentine’s Day is not really a big deal around here. But a little romance never hurt anyone, so Arthur and I decided to have a nice dinner at home. In true farmer style, not only did he get me flowers, but he got me a whole plant. Ten points for you mister!


Since it was a special occasion I was willing to defrost the salmon that I had bought from Walmart. It takes about an hour on a bus to get to Walmart so yes, salmon is very precious commodity these days. Dinner was nice, we set a makeshift table upstairs complete with scented candles, pretty dinner napkins and wine glasses. It’s been a while since we had white wine (it’s crazy wild around here) but that night we enjoyed a nice Chilean white and the meal ended with a yummy tarte aux pomme made by Chef Arthur.



We were stuffed. So stuffed we sprawled onto our cosy purple carpet which is so huge it makes the space look like a dojo. I know you’re not supposed to eat a full dinner and lie down, but you can’t say no to a purple dojo. So we laid. I think I even napped! Guilt woke me up eventually.

So my V-Day was nothing too crazy (No offense sweetheart I lurvve you longtime) but a very nice and pleasant evening with the man. It was our first “fancy” dinner we had in the house and they’ll only get better. Like when we get, say…a table.

Anyway to all the lonely hearts out there, V-Day Schmi-Day, love everybody everyday. Peace!


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