La vie est belle

“So, what do you do over there!?”

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked this. I guess it’s inevitable when one quits her job and the city to relocate to a village by the mountains. When Arthur is asked this question, his “I’m an artist” reply is instantly understood and people easily launch into artist talk. My replies of “Erm not so much”, “Oh a little bit of everything” and “Nothing right now, but soon” on the other hand, are usually followed by a short pause and then, “So how about this weather huh!” Ok, I exaggerate but you get my drift.

I’m not fussed about not having an straight answer. Truth be told, my replies are 100% true and it’s okay by me. I wake up when the birds start to chirp, sometimes I go back to sleep, sometimes I just stay in bed to read, or finish an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on the iPad which I fell asleep to. Waking up has never been so enjoyable. Just the other day I even woke up to a superb gourmet breakfast in bed made by my dear husband. Not being biased, full marks for taste, creativity and presentation!



After breakfast I normally do the whole computer thing – check emails, scrutinise people’s photos on Facebook, chat with whoever is online at work but not working, peruse my favourite websites and very soon it’d be time to fix lunch. After lunch I usually tackle Rosetta Stone’s French lessons on DVD. After an hour or two of “Le chat/ chien est sur/sous la table” (The cat/ dog is on/ under the table) I get restless. I start to search for new recipes that I could try for dinner, for nifty DIY projects that I will one day get around to doing, for inspiration pictures which we could use for our upcoming kitchen and studio renovations and for country-chic fashion inspiration for my first farmer spring. I also log in some Photoshop time, trying to design just about anything. Yesterday, after a few hundred hours, I finished the header design on this blog. So with all this, throw in the food marketing, bread making, English classes for the landlord’s kids and the housework that is needed to keep this place decent, the days are flying by! I still have yet to start on the yoga, the gardening, the trekking and the ukelele!

I’m really starting to dig my new life. I think it’s okay if I don’t have a precise answer to what I’m doing here. To quote a friend (Tuffy it’s you if you’re reading this!) I’m the Boss of Me here. It’s nice to have full control of your time, to busy yourself with truly enjoyable things. I just know I’m on the right path to health and happiness in its truest form. Hmm, perhaps this could be my answer from now on.

This Sunday we are setting off on a trip heading towards Laos. And today my darling husband comes back with a surprise present – a pair of hiking shoes!


So my ankles don’t look as svelte as I would like. But with a great husband and partner who’s on the same page and who provides shoes that fit perfectly, what more does a girl need? Ahhhh I’m officially having one of those I’m-one-lucky-b*tch days.

Bring it on 2013, it’s pretty sweet so far!

PS: Just to be clear, Arthur did not hint heavily at me to write this post nor did he voluntarily take and provide me with the retouched pictures that I have used here. about that extra virgin GALLICE oil in my first pic? Best oil ever 🙂


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