My 2 lives

We are products of our environment, as they say. Since choosing village life a few months ago, I naturally did away with high heels, cute clutches, hair straightener etc. I have embraced Uggs, unruly tresses and plaid with new fervor. Back in the city, unless I was physically unable to apply it on, I would never leave home without at least eyeliner. Attending any social event without your face on is really not acceptable. Here in the country, it’s the total opposite.  If you went to buy eggs with a fully made up face, you’d be branded the village looney faster than you can say plump lashes. So I became one of those moisturiser and sunblock people. It really didn’t matter if my clothes didn’t match my earrings. I mean, what earrings?? It was liberating not to need those 20 mins of prepping before heading out, to just feel fresh, natural and free! I had come so far, I was on my way to becoming a bona fide farmer!

But then, the city beckoned and I went. And she beat the crap out of poor farmer-wannabe-me. In an instant I was that eyeliner-wearing, clothes matchy-matching, never-without-earrings Limay. Even when I had to go into the office on a Saturday, I made sure my attire matched my sallow hungover complexion.

Anyhow, I think I made the most of my 5 weeks in Shanghai. It was great to catch up with friends, eat at nice restaurants, have after-work drinks and buy imported groceries at supermarkets with ease. At work, I got back in touch with client servicing, team meetings, colleagues and fatigue. After many long days and even longer nights, we delivered a successful event with happy clients to boot. I wish I had an extra day after the event to decompress and have one last celebration with friends but I was eager to return home.  5 weeks was a long time to be away from Arthur. My take-away from this whole experience is that I’m pretty lucky to be able to choose and switch from one life to another with relative ease, if either one gets too much and I need to catch a breath – even if the choices are a breath of polluted air or manure. It seems I can have my mantou and eat it too!

Here is a short photo comparison of my 2 lives 🙂





9 thoughts on “My 2 lives

  1. hi baby, u look so pretty with your short bob. life is beautiful and we should never lose sight of simple pleasures. glad u are back in dali and have time to post more blogs, yay!

  2. J’adore lire le blog de madame looloo …. on en veut encore plus.
    Et puis aussi je t’encourage à garder toujours deux vies c’est la clé du bonheur.

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