Home renovation update

It’s my turn now to supervise the home renovations. I guess since I was gone for six weeks to Shanghai and Singapore, it’s only fair Arthur is allowed to leave for two to Bangkok. You go, I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me, I’ll just be here, by myself, alone, with the mice.

It’s Day 3 of Project Lonesome and I’m happy to report that I have not had any mice incidents yet. (Please Lord keep them away for 10 more days) My cats are far from happy though as I lock them in the house with me at night after I feed them dinner. I can see it in their stare, “Woman! we’re nocturnal dammit!”

Anyway back to the house! So we are a little more than halfway through – the first floor kitchen walls, floor and staircase are done. We’ve also recently set the cement for the upper floor.


Originally the second floor was meant to be a work studio, but now we’re thinking to make it the master bedroom instead. Reason being this new part we’re building will have better insulation, a better and safer staircase and can be totally closed off – meaning it can be 100% mice free. Limay – one, Village mice – zero.


We’ve been sleeping in the first floor guest room in the main house since moving in. But since it’ll be another month or so before the master room will be done, we decided we needed a bigger bedroom for now, even if it was temporary. Arthur had just finished painting the bathroom upstairs and putting in the standing shower, so we moved upstairs!






I like it upstairs it’s very cosy, I feel like I’m in a cabin in the woods. We laze around on the carpet in the evenings, watching DVDS with the projector, it’s really comfortable. Arthur and our cat Bobbyloo agrees!

Next project, make some curtains so I can sleep past sunrise.


7 thoughts on “Home renovation update

  1. Looks fantastic Lools! Must be nice to see all your hard work coming together. Especially look forward to seeing the guest for a better understanding of where I will be staying when I visit. O_o

  2. so rustic chic 😉 must be nice to wake up there every day! good luck with the mice. that sounds really freaky – don’t think i’d be able to deal with them 😛 xx

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