DIY curtains

Now that the weather is starting to heat up, we were really in need of some curtains for the second floor. So we went into town and found this linen place that friends had told us about. After a few wrong turns we finally found the place and I was in heaven! The warehouse was stocked full of linen in every colour under the sun and the quality felt really good too. We happily chose our fabric and ending up leaving with green and purple. I also left there wishing that all that fabric was MINE.


I was excited to get started. When I got home I dusted off the sewing machine, found my pins, scissors, chalk and what-not. Two days passed and I didn’t do anything! Procrastination got the better of me as I really don’t like the initial steps of sewing anything – folding, measuring, marking, cutting, pining and ironing the fabric. And we’re talking about 20 metres here! But after I got all of that done eventually, it literally took me 10 mins to sew each curtain.

I cut the fabric adding 40% more to the length of the window, allowing for the folds. Then I added 5 cm for a hem all round. Cutting up a pretty trim which I bought months ago, not knowing what I’d ever use it for, I pinned them along the top of the curtain at equal intervals, not using a measure but just with my eye. Even if it’s not perfectly spaced out I figure it’s not going to show when hung up anyway!


Then next,  the secret to easy sewing, is pressing. I spent some time to press all round before hitting the machine. After sewing about 1cm from the inside of the hem all round, I hung them up and I had curtains! Now we can sleep in!



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