Reunited and it feeeeels so gooood…

12 days never felt so long. It’s just 2 weekends really and we all know how quickly weekends can pass. But not this time. I never thought of myself as one of those girls that couldn’t make it without her man for a couple of days, but boy am I happy Arthur is coming back tomorrow. I guess “couldn’t make it” is not exactly true as I’m still alive and breathing thank goodness, but I’d be lying if I said it was a piece of cake. Back in the city it was a piece of cake, I always enjoyed my time alone. I’d watch rom-coms back to back, eat multiple bags of crisps in bed, cook consecutive meals sans vegetables and definitely meet up with girlfriends. But I have to say being in the country it’s a totally different story. It’s so quiet all I could hear is the pitter-patter of little mice my loving cats brought in and failed to immobilize and the wailing wind which I’m sure comes only at night just before I sleep, just to taunt me. It doesn’t help that there is no nail, hair or massage place close by, and more importantly, no girlfriends. I really missed my girls this time too.

So. I knitted a scarf, crocheted a coaster, made curtains for the home, planted some lemongrass, made a mountain of dumplings, baked a variety of bread, did housework daily like a housewife reborn, made toys for my cats, experimented with de-and-re-constructed hair accessories, watched entire seasons of Project Runway Canada AND Australia (I know, I’m not proud), took a slew of photos of my cat Bobblyloo and in questionable sleeping positions- and that got me to 2pm.


Anyway, my point is that when Arthur was not here, the air was still crisp, the sun still shone and I still had all the time in the world to do what I wanted. But it really wasn’t fun at all. No matter how many things you do in a day, alone time in the country means super-hardcore-just-you-and-your thoughts-and-the-mice-and-the-wind kind of ALONE. When my wifi stopped working one afternoon I think had a minor anxiety attack.

Anyway! Arthur is on a train back to Dali right now as we speak and his ETA is 6am. Life here as I know and love, will resume. Can’t wait for my farmer to be back 🙂

2013-04-23 09.09.25


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