Slow and steady

Slow and steady wins the race, they say. Yes, the race of boredom if you ask me.

We originally hoped that the renovations would be finished by May. Due to a multitude of reasons, we needed an additional two weeks or so. Now it’s coming to the end of May and I think we might need another two weeks yet again. Yawn.

We’re getting a bit of rain now here in Dali, nothing to complain about but it did stop construction on one or two occasions. Apart from the rain, there often seems to be some sort of celebration – a relative’s wedding, the village school’s performance day, a baby-naming ceremony happening. I’ve also learnt recently that cement needs to set for 15 – 20 days. Bummer. Anyway things are still progressing albeit a little delayed. It’s shaping up and looking good but we’re just really itching to unpack the last of those boxes.

First floor kitchen, dining and laundry room:





Second floor bedroom with bathroom:


If you’re wondering why we have a window looking into a wall it’s because there is a 50cm gap between the new and old building. So we’re going to grow some plants and make it a mini jungle! Our landlord suggested to keep chickens there. Erm, I think not.





Arthur is in Haikou getting his Chinese drivers’s license these two days and the workers are also on a break. I’ve spent some time in the the garden and discovered the workers have been rather creative themselves!


I found an old crate in the pile of firewood. I nailed in one of the broken sides and thought it’d be perfect to grow some tomato seedlings. I sifted the stones from the soil and filled it up, but in the evening, my cat coolly claimed it as his new potty. Not that the soil here needs any extra fertilizing. A couple days ago, our landlord’s daughter sprinkled some Chinese lettuce seeds on a heap of soil that is sitting in our courtyard and days later it’s starting to grow like wild fire. With the help of this insanely fertile soil, we just might become the greatest accidental farmers yet!



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