Felt is cool!

I’ve always thought felt is a pretty awesome material for crafting. They come in so many colours, it’s easy to cut into shapes, the ends don’t fray, you can sew it, glue it, iron it, pretty much do anything you want to it! I still haven’t been able to find any in Dali yet but when I was in Shanghai last month, I found these little DIY felt kits, they give you everything you need to make the finish product. With the rain the past few days, I’ve had even more time indoors than usual so I gave it a go! So they won’t make the list of items that one brings with them if ever stranded on an island, but hey they look so cute so I want to make more 🙂

Japanese lady coin purse + Cassette tape iPhone case:Pouches

Fruity paper clips: Pins


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