Our new kitty

We got a new kitty after our beloved Rosie wandered off one day a month ago and never came back. Bobby, the remaining male cat, was getting more withdrawn by the day, not eating as usual and crying a lot. He was missing his sister and so were we. We figured we’d get a new kitty for him, and for us as well. A little sweet kitten would keep us busy and help us get over our loss. Boy, did it ever!

2013-09-04 09.43.19-2

Introducing…Kaya! My husband named him after his favourite South East Asian Jam made with coconut and pandan flavours. I think he actually had some with his toast for breakfast that morning. I’m sure our parents are hoping more thought will go into the naming process when we have real kids.

We bought 3 month old Kaya for 60rmb (12 SGD) from the pet market which takes place every 10 days or so in Dali. We had no idea about his background or his state of health. So as advised by the vet we would observe him for a week before all the necessary vaccinations. Poor Kaya did not have it easy I tell ya. From the second day he started to have the runs but I put this down to a change of diet. We bought baby cat food for him which his wolfed down like no tomorrow. I’m sure the seller before was feeding him scraps from his meals, as almost all local people do. Around here, they don’t really get the concept of pets. An animal in the home is exactly that and not one bit more.

Eventually, we realised that Kaya had worms. Don’t ask how we knew, but yes, it’s what you’re probably thinking. We couldn’t treat him as he was still sick with the runs and pretty weak. So we had to wait another 2 long days before we could start treating him for worms. When we did, he became so weak he hardly moved his head and not a peep came out of him. We had to force feed porridge and water through a syringe every hour. He was dehydrated, his pupils fully dilated and was softly groaning with what little energy he had left. I really thought he might not make it, I checked every now and then just to see if he was breathing. It was heartbreaking.

After 24 hours of around-the-clock observation, Kaya showed signs of recovery! He was moving more and his pupils were not as dilated as before. Slowly with each hour he seemed to regain his strength. The deworming medication was working I guess. I was so relieved.

I know having to take care of a kitten is not even comparable to that of a real kid, but it does give me a little taste. Kaya is significantly eating into my free time which was for yoga, crafting, cooking, etc. I’m constantly listening for cries. Even when he’s not crying I think I hear cries. The other night when he was sick, I had to sleep downstairs with Kaya  and Arthur slept upstairs so our other cat Bobby would not feel abandoned. Ah..life as we know it will change forever that’s for sure.

Perhaps in an attempt at closure, I just want to say to Rosie – I hope that wherever you are, you are not suffering or alone. We are always thinking of you and you will forever be in our hearts.

Peace out sista.


2 thoughts on “Our new kitty

  1. Oh I’m so sorry Rosie hasn’t come home… Don’t lose hope too soon I’m sure if she can she will find her way back to you one day. Kaya is pawesome! What a little fighter and you can see his spirit through the photo! Enjoy every minute of kitten fun! =^.^=

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