My new master

I have found my new master.

He’s a carpenter in the village and a really good one I might add. He’s 60 years old and started his carpentry work when he was 14.Β He also happens to be the father of the wife of the fifth son of my landlord, haha. Everyone is connected around here. Anyway, this man is amazing. He can make anything if you give him some wood and his tools, which are mostly non-electric by the way. He’s done all the woodwork in our home so far and it’s really good stuff. He’s put up walls for us, made door frames and my favourite beautiful kitchen folding window.



He does things the old skool way yo. He cuts 2 inch wide x 5m long beams of wood with a hand saw and every piece is straight as a ruler and exactly identical.





We’re also thinking to have him make some indoor furniture such as a dining table. We asked him if he could do it and I showed him a picture on my computer. He took one look and said with a chuckle that he could make even more complicated pieces. So I’m over the moon that we have found him, this way we can have beautifully custom made, quality furniture as opposed to the wierd crap they sell in most of the stores here.


I want to be his student! Can you imagine looking at any furniture and being able to make it yourself? I’ve also always wanted to make smaller objects like jewellery boxes and mini-chest of drawers. I’m sure he could do it blindfolded. He said he has had a few students before but I’m hoping to be the first female one.Β All of this aside, he’s a really chill chap – always smiling and whistling while he works. I’m sure he’ll make a really cool master!


10 thoughts on “My new master

  1. NIce!!! I would love to learn from him too.

    Wood is by far my favorite material to work with. Make sure you get nice wood for your table so you can keep it forever and pass it down to your grandchildren!! It might be pricier that what he first suggests, but definitely worth it.

  2. Do it LooLi!! And ask him if we can commission pieces from him too, the windows are divine!! If he says cannot then you learn from him and make for us :p

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