Online food salvation

As you might guess, I can’t get a lot of things out here in the village food wise. At the village square where I do my weekly marketing, it’s the basics  – rice, noodles, vegetables, fruit and meat (pork or donkey mainly!) So imagine my joy when I got from a girlfriend this online supermarket link, which delivers to most of China including where I am! 


The more I perused the site, the more excited I became. They have an impressive imported selection including lots of Asian spices and marinades which I use in my cooking, when I could get my hands on them. They even carry my beloved Singaporean brand Prima Taste which I love. It’s as close as you get to authentic local delights from a packet. So they are a little bit more expensive online, but if it’s just a click of the mouse instead of overweight luggages every time I fly, I’m down like Chinatown babeh.


Apart from Prima Taste, they also carry the same French brand of confiture and moutard a l’ancienne that we usually bring all the way back from Paris. They have the authentic Thai brand nam pla (fish sauce) which I swear is the best one of the lot and I also saw some Vietnamese spring roll wrappers too. They also carry a variety of pastes – tomyam, rendang, laksa, etc, which I would frequently bring back in bulk as well.

So I signed up and placed my first order this morning, which included cornflakes and parma ham! You might think I’m a wierdo to get all excited about these run-of-the-mill items, but you have to realised that the closest place I can get cornflakes is at the Walmart 45mins away. That’s like crossing the whole of Singapore just to get some damn cereal man! Parma ham, I can’t even get it at Walmart anymore, they discontinued it recently due to lack of demand I suppose. I actually just want normal ham, but parma is the closest thing they have on the website, so parma it is for now until I can figure out how to make ham I guess. The delivery fee for all my purchases was 30RMB (S$6) which I think is more than fair considering I also bought a 3L can of extra virgin olive oil.


For all of you (perhaps very few of you) who do not have easy access to fancy supermarkets in China like me, this is your answer! With my kitchen renovations close to completion and the discovery of this fabulous new online food shopping solution, I’m really looking forward to my Dali cooking days to come.


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