Renovation update

Between the rain and our summer travels, the year has flown by and our home renovations have taken much longer than we had anticipated. But I’m happy to say that we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, we’re almost there!

We’ve begun to paint the second floor master bedroom, the windows have gone in, and we’re going to install the bathroom fittings very shortly.  We can just about catch the top of the mountain from the view in our shower!




The cement floor of the kitchen and laundry room downstairs was finished yesterday. Once that dries, my priority is to set up our washing machine. No more lugging our dirty laundry to our friends in the next village to use theirs. Hoorah!


Kitchen-floor-2The stairs have been properly shaped and cemented over and I’m excited about the extra storage space under it that I just realised we had. The workers are currently working on the outdoor brick flooring of the patio today. Provided it does not rain tomorrow, they will finish the outer white layer for the lower half of the building and then that’ll be the end of it! StairwellPatio


Truth be told, it’s only the basic structure of the house that would be finished. We still have to do the interior ourselves but I’m looking forward to that part. I have accumulated countless ideas and little projects from Pinterest and like, I’m just waiting to apply them somewhere. I’m looking forward to not having sand, cement and scaffolding in my courtyard anymore. I’m looking forward to unpacking the rest of the boxes and I’m looking forward to not having to eat on the low coffee table anymore.  Most of all,  no more washing of dishes in the bathroom! Simple pleasures. Happy days are here.


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