Hot buns!

As part of the plan to consume less store-bought items these days, I’m starting to experiment more and make stuff from scratch. This time I decided to try my hand at steamed Chinese buns or baozi. 

I tried 2 different dough recipes and the latter, which I will share here, is definitely the winner. I got it from the L.A. times website believe it or not. The buns turned out light and fluffy, but did not stick to your teeth, which was the case with my first try. They even looked a little glossy. For the filling I stir-fried all the leftover vegetables I had – lettuce, mushrooms, leek.  I added some soy, teriyaki sauce and pepper. I think you can wing it with the filling, whatever you fancy. You’re the one that’s going to be eating them anyway!

OK, so they’re not the most beautiful buns, in fact they are downright bad looking. No matter how many “how -to” videos I’ve watched on Youtube I still can’t get it right. This bun technique is tricky. However, regardless of their less than stellar looks, they were super yummy! So moist with just the right amount of sweetness to the bread. Freshly made steamed baozi is one of the best things for breakfast, along with tasty home made soy bean milk, which I have a machine for, Hallelujah!

 photo (4) photo (5)


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