The last 100m

When I was a kid in school and it was the last 2 weeks before final exams, or if I was training for an upcoming swim meet or ballet competition, my father would always have the same words of encouragement for me.

“You’re almost at the finish line, it’s the last 100 metres, go for it!”

Sometimes it was 100 metres, other times 40 or 10, guess it just depended on how close I was, but the message was clear – Buckle down and get the job done. That’s where we’re at with the home renovations these days. But I’d say we’re at the last kilometre mark maybe. Not bad considering it was a marathon when we first began.

Ok enough with sports metaphors. Here’s a look at what we’ve done in the past week.

1. Wardrobe


2. Varnished the bedroom floor

Arthur-varnishing Room

3. Rooftop access. Very excited about this! If I ever get those what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here days, the view is a good reminder. It’s also a great space for yoga and alfresco dining!


4. New guest bed


5. Washing machine. Never felt so good to be able to do a load of laundry in my own home.


We’re going to make it past that finish line if it’s the last thing we do! And soon! Stay tuned 🙂



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