Our first Dali Christmas

Christmas is approaching and we’re ready!

All the cardboard boxes have finally been unpacked and it feels good to see the floor again. We’ve moved into our new kitchen and it feels good to eat on a proper table and wash dishes in an actual sink. I’m so happy all my kitchen tools have come out of the woodwork and assumed their rightful positions on the beautiful shelves Arthur made. We have every utensil in the book, the food possibilities are endless and so is my exuberance. It’s the warmest place in the home during this unusually cold winter we’re having and with my little flat screen that just went up, I literally spend all day in here!






We’ve also moved into our new bedroom above the kitchen. The high ceilings look fantastic but it does mean it’s impossible for our poor little heater to warm the entire room. I also love how our wardrobe turned out. It’s so nice to have enough space you actually see everything you own. Our bathroom is small and simple but the water is hot and the pressure is strong. It saves my life to have a hot shower before bed every night these days.


Arthur has become quite the carpenter. His latest creation being custom shelving for all his books. I’m very impressed and excited at the thought of future potential pieces around the home. We’ve also got a new day bed in the living room which is perfect for reading and lounging around.





So we’ve been pretty busy ever since – making curtains, drilling bars, attaching hooks, arranging and re-arranging furniture, sorting linen and the like. Everyday things shape up more and more but there’s still a lot to be done. After the completion of what I call Phase 2 where things are functioning as they should be, there’s still Phase 3: Decoration and details, which is the fun and possibly never-ending part.

Anyway, my tree is finally up, the decorations are out, and I’ve downloaded Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album, much to the horror of Arthur I’m sure. It’s really starting to feel like Christmas around here. We even had one night of freak snow which made it extra Christmassy. We’re having a couple of good friends around for Christmas dinner. The menu for the night is sorted and I’m really looking forward to the first of many scrumptious and joyful dinners to come!




Happy Holidays everyone! Fa-la-la-la-laaa, la-la-la-laaahhh.



10 thoughts on “Our first Dali Christmas

  1. Looks Great!!! and you look REALLLY Cold!!! All my best wishes for the holidays!!!!
    BIG BIG KISS from Claudia, Louis an Darius.

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