Our first winter camp

Our friends Eric and Anne-Gloria came over from Shanghai and they were the first participants of our inaugural winter camp which took place end of January. They spent a week with us, toiling away and in return I strived to fill their bellies with good food. The goal was to clean up our garden, (wild and untouched since we moved in a year ago) rebuild the outdoor sink, set up a compost and ultimately get the garden ready for planting season.




We had one rainy day during their stay. As we could not work in the garden we decided to paint our compost bin. We divided the bin into four segments and everyone was free to draw what they wanted as long as it was connected to nature. This rainy day-in turned out to be great fun as we christened the studio with our first art project.





After a week of hard work, even working late into the night sometimes, we now have a beautiful garden. In fact, not only did we accomplish everything we set out to do, we even managed to build a handsome stone BBQ.

I can’t wait to start planting. I’m really looking forward to the day I can go into the garden instead of the market to get our food. When I cook my first meal with fresh vegetables from the garden, I shall be thinking of our lovely garden fairies – Eric and Anne-Gloria – who made this possible. Thank you both so much and I hope you will come back to visit us soon!






photo 1

photo 2


5 thoughts on “Our first winter camp

  1. Do a Spring camp, Summer camp and Autumn camp before your next Winter camp…. I will come for Autumn camp. Winter camp is too cold for me.

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