My Parisian Summer Adventure

I have been in Paris for two weeks now. I came together with my husband to spend the summer here with his family, to learn the language and to experience the Parisian way of life for a couple of months. Not too shabby, I admit. We have settled into our cosy little apartment in the 14th arrondissement. By settled I mean I have bought all the basic condiments necessary for Asian style cooking. I have started my daily French classes at Lutece Langue, a language school in the Châtelet area. There is only one other student in my class for now so it’s rather intensive but good. I’m trying to be the most diligent student, working hard on my homework and revising after every class. Apart from a strong desire to speak the language, I’m also equally curious as to how I will actually fare with this whole learning-a-third-language-as-an-adult business. I have a public transport card with my photo on the back and I have to admit it’s been pretty easy to get around, especially with the Citymapper app. This app is a life-saver. I’m hopping on buses and changing lines on the metro in a very un-touristy manner and even with a little Parisian strut I dare say. I have yet to start exercising yet though. I envision myself going for evening runs through the plethora of beautiful Parisian gardens and parks, hitting up a Zumba class or two, maybe even cycling around the city once I’m more familiar with the rues and boulevards. I haven’t made any new friends yet either. I was banking on having many cool classmates whom I could explore the discreet alleyways and hidden gems of the city with. But since I only have one classmate, who attended her last class today by the way, that hope has yet to materialise either. I am looking forward to catching up with my existing friends in Paris though.

In any case, I am thrilled and excited to explore a new city this summer, in beautiful Paris, no less. I am also happy that I will certainly have lots to blog about in the weeks to come. Hopefully, I will breathe new life into my poor little neglected blog.

Stay tuned for La femme du fermier à Paris!



3 thoughts on “My Parisian Summer Adventure

  1. haha, I think my most exciting bit of shopping took place in an asian grocery store when I first arrived in paris. bon courage ! would be happy to get food/ apéro/ practise french one of these days if you are still up for meeting new people.

    • Hello! Yes, the asian grocer Tang Freres is my oasis. Maybe you have other tips on where to get the goods 🙂 Am definitely up for meeting new people. I’m going to email you my details. Thanks for your reaching out! A bientot!

      • great ! I usually head to belleville as it’s much nearer to where I am. I’ve heard a lot about tang freres but have never been as I can’t imagine lugging groceries the length of a metro line. see you soon then.

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