Bistro Recommendation #1: Chez Fernand (Paris)

We met a friend for lunch today at Chez Fernand. It was my second time to this cosy bistro in the 6th arrondissement and the food was even better than the last visit. The decor is traditional and comfortable, the service is friendly and efficient. As they receive quite a number of tourists, the staff speaks English too. All the French classics are on the menu – Fois Gras, Tartare de boeuf, Margret de canard. This time I chose one of my favourite entrées Escargots Français and for the mains I went for the chef’s speciality – Beouf bourguignon. The escargots were juicy and baked just right with just the nice amount of garlic and butter. (To be fair, I don’t think anything cooked with butter and garlic could taste bad) But these were so succulent and they were a decent size too. These little suckers whet my appetite just enough to fully appreciate the life-changing beouf bourguignon. The layers of marbling fat and tendon turned into a soft gelatin with hours of slow cooking, making the beef magically melt in your mouth. Every bite was absolute heaven. The prices are very reasonable for the quality and portions you get. The beef you see in the photo below was only half of what was in the cast-iron pot it was served in. It worked out to be about 30 euros per head and we shared a carafe of red wine as well. We were too stuffed for any dessert but am certain they are excellent too if the entrées and mains are anything to go by. Hopefully next time because I’m definitely heading back.

So if you are in Paris and looking for affordable, traditional French fare which is simplistically impeccable, I highly recommend Chez Fernand! 


beefescargot  tartare653x368


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