A little taste of China in Paris

As much as I adore French cuisine, I dare say I love Asian food just that little bit extra. One of my favourite Chinese food of all time has got to be dumplings. Steamed, boiled. grilled, it all works in my book. I’m not just a fan of the Chinese dumpling, I’m a lover of all ’em dumplings. Gyoza (Japanese), Momo (Nepalese), Mandu (Korean), Ravioli (Italian), what’s not to like about deliciousness all wrapped up? So imagine my glee when I picked up a flyer for an authentic Dongbei Dumpling place not far from my french school in the Chatelet area!

I was so excited I went to try it the very next day. Along with my Chinese-food-deprived French husband and Spanish friend, we sat ourselves down at Ravioli Nord-Est 东北饺子 (Dong Bei Dumplings) restaurant. It’s a simple joint, very clean and pleasant. We sat on one of the tables outside to enjoy the glorious summer weather. They have more than 10 kinds of dumplings on the menu (Boiled or Fried) – pork, beef, prawns, vegetarian to name a few. One order has 10 dumplings so we ordered 3 different kinds to share between us and also a couple of Chinese side dishes such as cold noodle salad, spicy beef and octopus salad. I realised that I missed speaking Mandarin after placing our orders in the language. Or perhaps I just missed the ease of communication. The waiters had thick Northern Chinese accents and I thought to myself that this must bode well for the authenticity of the dumplings as well!

In true Chinese style, all our dishes were served within 10 minutes of ordering. More importantly they did not disappoint at all. The homemade dumplings were so tasty and most importantly the skin was not too thick. Both boiled and fried ones were equally scrumptious. Dipped in the special chilli sauce with dark vinegar, I couldn’t think of anything better as we sat and ate in silent satisfaction until there was not a morsel left. The side dishes were also surprisingly spot on. The flavours were well balanced and the portions right. Oh, it was such a lovely meal I was so happy! I can’t wait to return.

So to all those living in Paris who has had a taste of the real deal in China and is now suffering from similar dumpling withdrawal, this place will do it for you. And as if the deal wasn’t sweet enough, the total bill for the 3 of us was 30 Euro.

Now, how great is that? 🙂

Store sign

INside Friends

noodlesbeefOctopus saladdumplingsFinished

Ravioli Nord-Est/ 115 Rue Saint-denis 75001/ Tel: 09 81 17 19 08/ Open everyday from 11:30 – 23:00


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